Demande - ADELIN - 01 juil 2022

Expérience nautique de l'équipier

Compétences nautiques :
Confirmé (connaît les quarts de nuit)

Disponibilité de l'équipier

Date de début de disponibilité :
Embarquement lointain possible :
Zone de navigation souhaitée :
Atlantique (Transat)
Date fin de disponibilité :

Présentation des équipiers

Nombre d'équipiers :
Nombre de couples :
non renseigné


Young 20-year-old French student in the 3rd year of law, resourceful and looking for a human adventure, I want to go back to Europe with a view to environmentally friendly travel in order to start my master degree in international public law.

Regarding my sailing experience, it is very recent: I have just arrived in Las Palmas by sailboat from Tangier 5 weeks ago. I have a great attraction for sailing and its learning thanks to my research on different sites and from my former sea scout friends, this trip whetted my appetite for knowledge.

When traveling, I can be useful to you thanks to my English, French and Spanish, which have already served the crew well in Las Palmas and Tangier for everything related to port administration and communication with the mechanics.

I could also be very useful to you, by cleaning the boat or in the kitchen or in computing! Obviously, just like my previous trip, I would do  with the same rigor and pleasure my watch under the stars as well as the domestic tasks of the boat.

I was the crew member who took up the least space during my previous trip so I would be able to reiterate and not encroach on the space of the boat which is your house. I am a Non-smoker. Of course I am ready to participate in the on-board cashier or even more. I am available to help with the preparations for departure!

I look forward to carrying out this human and ecological adventure by your side in your boat which will allow us to make a trip in good conditions of safety and comfort :) but before that it is with pleasure that we can meet around a coffee to talk more about the project!

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