About Environment and Oceans

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About Environment and Oceans
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The ocean is the birth place of life on earth.  Over several billions of years, it has developed into what it is today through a very intricate and complex balance of natural phenomena. The ocean remains home to several hundred thousand different plant and animal species.  It is essential to all living beings, both in the water and on land. The oceans provide the most basic needs such as the oxygen we need to breathe and much of the food we eat.  More recently, the ocean has been discovered to provide lifesaving medicines that fight cancer and countless other ailments. 
The oceans also play an essential role in the carbon cycle, and currently absorb about half of all of the atmospheric carbon, thereby reducing or slowing the effects of global warming. See our Ocean Facts page for more information. There is little serious doubt as to whether or not we humans are causing ozone depletion and global warming.  The issue is what will occur due to these changes.  To date, most debates concerning the long term effects of this man-made increase in greenhouse gases have assumed that the changes will occur over many generations. However, there is now alarming evidence which indicates that these changes could instead  cause an abrupt change in the global climate within a period as little as 10 years.

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