Possible depression ou tempête tropicale au Cap Vert

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Possible depression ou tempête tropicale au Cap Vert
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 ALERT Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone Alerts (https://www.facebook.com/HurricaneTyphoonCyclone-Alerts-640446339341581/) is monitoring a LOW-PRESSURE AREA, not yet officially designated by the NHC-Miami, located in Western Africa in the vicinity of #SierraLeone / #Guinea, for possible further development, late weekend thru next week, October 13-18, 2019, into either a possible TROPICAL DEPRESSION or possible TROPICAL STORM, to be named #Nestor / #TropicalStormNestor.

NOTE: The NHC-Miami named #Melissa earlier today for a nor'easter weather system east of the northeast USA coast. If development occurs of this tropical system near the Cape Verde Islands, the likely name will be Nestor / #TSNestor.

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LA source: le  National Hurricane Center de Miami


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