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Mindelo to Brazil
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Brazilian/Swedish couple looking for sailing boat to cross the Atlantic

Hi! We are Wladimir and Linda and we just arrived (4th of November) to Mindelo to look for a boat to cross the Atlantic during Nov/Dec. Primarily we want to go to Brazil, but we are also open for other alternatives. We live in Gothenburg – Sweden and we met in Brazil one year ago, one night before the carnival and we love Samba. We are tidy, easygoing, flexible and used to live close together with other people. Wladimir is an engineer and Linda works within the hospitality. If you are looking for crew, let’s meet up for a coffee to get to know each other.


+46 760 853298

FB: Linda Kakan Ekberg

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You'd better post an ad in STW's classifieds as available crew : http://dev.stw.fr/fr/bourse

Good luck !

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Done!  Thank you so much for helping us find the right place!

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Hello Linda and  Wladimir, I am planning to cross Atlantic Ocean this year from Canary to Cabo Verde to Fernando de Noronha and Joao Pessoa, I am looking for suggestions for nice spots to visit and eventually to leave the boat on the nortern coast of Brazil, on the way to Guyana. Can you give me some hints?


thank you


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 welcome on brazil !!!



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